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Alternative Operating Systems For Programmers

Although Windows is way more popular with the majority of PC users, programmers and developers tend to prefer Linux, as it is, in some iterations, more of a DIY environment, and if you know what you're doing, the possibilities are almost endless. There are various reasons a distribution can be considered good for programmers - some prefer stability, while others want a more daring approach manifested in the freshest, but also less tested software prone to having more issues.
We will try to cover different points of view in this article. Below is the list of some of the distributions deemed the best for programmers and developers by programmers and developers themselves. You can install all of these Linux distros using Etcher or Rufus.

There are also a couple of other releases that weren't covered in this article, such as openSUSE, Pop_OS!, which was born with the idea of being used by computer professionals to create new stuff, and KaliLinux, which is said is the best to use if the users are ethical hackers and want to do some penetration testing. All in all, programmers are people who know their PCs inside out and, as a result, have a very clear idea about what exactly they want from their OS. Luckily, there is a Linux distribution for everyone out there.