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Guide How To Drive Unlimited Targeted Free Traffic To Your Website


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Hello guys, I have not written any guides recently so want to share something I came up with recently. I'll make it short because nobody likes to read long winded rambling threads.

Guide How To Drive Unlimited Targeted Traffic To Your Website
Set up a legit looking site as a place people can log in and browse data entry / telesales work from home jobs. There are freely available RSS feeds for job sites like indeed.co.uk etc. A basic member site with latest jobs listed inside it. Once they are inside, you have given them what they were looking for, a bunch of work from home legit offers for an email address. Setup a popup opt in form plugin such as: /pop up domination. com.

Next, every couple of minutes do a pop over box promoting a "Would you be interested in working from home completing paid surveys for $5 to $50 per survey? If so, register your interest free at XXXXsurveys. com" You can then get them to sign up at your survey site on a 2nd email list.. when they are inside there try and pop a 3rd email list on them for something else,Then send out a bunch of followup emails using an auto responder.

Setup a legit looking "dataenryjobsrecruitment. com" site.. on the pop over box have a small disclaimer that survey site is not part of dataentryjobsredcruitment and is a sponsored advert" to be sure the Gov is not miffed and complaints about it. So site one: legit looking recruitment site with free job listings scraped inside, site two looks like a sponsored advert not affiliated, site three the same.

From the first site, send them a couple of emails with actual real latest job listings then about the 3rd one a "sponsored mail on behalf of XXXXsurveys. com" I see recruitment agencies on the listings. one advert went like.. "Our client is looking for work from home telesales staff to complete take calls and begin a new team of online support" etc..

Promote this: www. take surveys for cash . com it's the best ClickBank paid survey product. ;)

The Sexy Trick
I once used this to drive traffic to something I started up many years ago, go over to: gov.uk and use the universal job match, setup an account in the company name and contact number (e.g the domain name and email) used. Mostly, this site has zero requirements besides company name and contact details, make sure to go nationwide. Do this and setup the email autoresponder and butter them up. The beauty about this trick is that you are actually giving them what they want, you can actually link real jobs into your domains too, that way you have no need to feel bad, just make sure you stick some banner adverts on the domains and ensure to add the popup box.

You can take this concept and use it ANYWHERE in the world, build emails lists and bank serious money, then push out upsell products/services.