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Method to Get Free Leads via Craigslist


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Step 1 Go onto Cragslits and find a popular town or city it does not need to be near you at all im am going to use Florida because its a popular place with lots of people and its near me. After you find you place you are going to want to post to Cragslits and select for sale by owner then click free stuff.
Step 2 Now we begin the method, The method is darning to have a free Gift Card (Apple,Wallmart,Target .ect) Post saying something like i have a 25$ Apple Gift Card that i have no use for and they wont let me return it so im just giving it away to one of you guys contact me a (Email Here}
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Step 3 Now wait for people to start emailing you and when you get an email saying they are interested you tell them Something Like sorry i already Gave it to some one but i was told about a website from another person saying that they were able to generate a gift card code from this wesite(You Link Here} another person who asked for the gift card said he tryed it and he got him self a 50$ Card.
This Guide will hopefully give you ideas into other ways of using Cragslist you can try this method with Games, Movies, Software and more just think outside the box and rember people will try to get anything for free on craigslist.